Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tool #8

Getting familiar with the iPad devices which will be in my classroom allows me to utilize them to their maximum capacity. By regularly updating them through my teacher computer, students will have the state of the art programs with which to access information and design delivery of such information.
As a class we will have a briefing where the devices will be deployed following a review of the procedures I will have in place for the care and maintenance of the devices.
A set of agreed upon rules will be published and posted in the classroom. 

1) Students must put their screens down when doing non-computer tasks to focus their attention.

2)  iPads must run on batteries during teaching hours, to prevent tangled power cords

3)  Instructions for activities will be printed to reduce time spent repeating instructions.

4)  I will be monitoring the screens during instructional time.

5)  A student will be assigned to distribute the devices in first period.  Another student will be assigned returning the devices to the storage cabinet so they are properly charging.

6)  A technology team of students will help troubleshoot problems and make notations to share with all classes on any expertise gleaned from use of the devices.

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