Monday, January 23, 2012

Tool #2

  • After visiting Kim Buffey's blog, I commented on how applicable her posts were to my curriculum. I also visited many sites and found most people's remarks to be mundane and a waste of time. The parts that intrigued me I wondered whether or not they were correct and factual.

  • I have often wondered if the names and posts were plants, particularly when they are endorsing a product. Likewise, are the detractors who they claim to be?

  • I definitely do NOT like posting publicly. I feel I am not an authority and not articulate. I wish the post published were really of value.

  • I joined Google Reader.

  • I try to discern if the information I am reading is legitimate. No way to verify.

  • Try student news daily for up to date news. This site includes quiz questions age appropriate for high school.  
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    1. It is amazing what some people will post and say publicly. Certainly you have thoughts and opinions on some topics that are worthwhile and worthy of posting! It does take a while to get comfortable and put yourself out there. Really, it isn't that much different than walking into a party where you don't know anyone. I agree that sometimes some comments/posts are suspicious and I also wonder what the motive is. You can search and find out more information. This website offers some ways to validate sites/posts -

      Thanks for the link to studentnewsdaily! We'll add that to our database!